Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Filmmaking - The Penultimate Movie Ending

Filmmaking - Favorite Endings

In Response to many emails, "What is your SECOND favorite
movie ending, I'd have to say it's this, the last sequence
from Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, "Paths Of Glory."

After an uncompromising feature-length look at the First World
War, both from the trenches and the palaces of power, this last
reel is redemptive, hopeful, and somehow manages to speak of
human compassion.

As Steven Spielberg said, anybody who thinks Stanley Kubrick
was a cold, misanthropic, unemotional filmmaker, might do well
to watch this immediately, and perhaps form a differing opinion.

Again, I think it's mandatory for filmmakers. Just see what
Stanley was able to do, with practically nothing - only a roomful
of good actors, his beautiful wife singing, and a camera that
lingered on faces.

Please let me know what your favorite movie ending is.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sly's 10 Tips For Success

Filmmaking - Motivation

From out of the blue of the western sky, from
Missoula, Montana and Alain Burrese's great blog,
come these great tips from Sylvester Stallone.
Things aren't happening? Make things happen!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Filmmaking - The Best 10-minute Movie Ending Ever

Filmmaking - Favorite Endings

This is my favorite last reel (10 minutes) of a movie, ever.
30-year-old Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, in Frank Capra's
"It's A Wonderful Life."

I think it should be mandatory watching for filmmakers.

If you are unaffected by it, check your pulse, you may be dead.

Maybe the best thing ever filmed in the San Fernando Valley in August. (Temperature over 100F in the "snow.")

Some little-known facts about this wonderful movie.

Please let me know which is your favorite movie ending.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Eva Longoria Birthday Countdown!

Date: 15 March 2005 (3 days after mine.)

People ask if I'm related to Eva Longoria.
According to Esme, her nice and devoted sister,
who has researched such things, the answer is "yes."
Eva is my distant relative. (Well, she's in Pasadena.)

I had a small role on "The Young And The Restless" a
decade before Eva was on it, (so I doubt nepotism was
involved, in either direction), and I'm glad the public
loves her. She's very talented, I think she's great.

Since Eva's gotten famous, I don't have to spell
my last name for people nearly as much.

Happy Birthday Eva, and "Hi" to Esme!
(Write Eva yourself, or just tell ABC you like her.)