Friday, August 28, 2009

Film Production - The Best Movie Ever?

Film Production - The Best Movie Ever?

A German friend compiled this list,
I'm not sure if it's even near a true "100 best,"
as there are several films on it I think are only "okay,"
but this is not my list. This is Franz List.

So ponder it, or...just enjoy the clips...

Here's a great idea, carried to its logical extreme, because...

"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."
-- Sam Longoria

Countdown of numbers in your favorite 100 movies.
I may have posted this before. I don't care. It's great.

Another great idea. Thank God cellphones are not ubiquitous, omnipresent, or even everywhere, because they would easily screw up some truly great cinema.

Yes, I know "Gilligan's Island" is not primarily a movie, but
there really is a Gilligan movie in development for 2011.

It obviously needs three full development years, to make sure it's just as good as it can possibly be. Perhaps that is not enough time. Take as long as necessary, guys. Don't rush it!

I hope it comes out after the end of the world in 2012,
adding Insult to Apocalypse. Anyway, these clips are funny.
Ignore the University Of Phoenix ad. I'm not listening, la la la...

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