Friday, March 09, 2012

Tax For Washington State - Film Industry Incentives

Tax For Washington State - Film Industry Incentives

Congratulations to the Washington State Senate who passed the Washington State Film Incentives Bill SB 5539, with a vote of 92 to 6.

Congratulations also to the many film and video persons in the NW who gathered and rallied and lobbied to get this Bill read and voted on.All right!
As I understand it, the tax benefits were removed from the Bill 
and other compromises were made, but it did pass. Now the Washington Governor has 20 days to sign it. Time will tell...

Here's an interesting photo, from the KOMO-TV (Seattle ABC affiliate) website, reporting this news:

See the microphone? It's supposed to point forward, but it is backward. Lens pointing forward, mic pointing backward. Oops!

Will somebody please tell the girl in the picture she's pointing her mic the wrong way?

Maybe she's trying to record somebody behind her, but he left.

Or, she's recording narration. I know, it's a retro-directional mic! 
Um, yeah.

Pretty girl, but hardly a photo choice to indicate Washingtonian filmmaking 
proficiency.  Too bad, KOMO-TV!

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