Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Steven Spielberg List - 206 Must-see Movies - Spielberg Curriculum

Steven Spielberg List - 206 Must-See Movies - Spielberg Curriculum

This is interesting. Alleged to be a list of films Steven Spielberg requires associates to learn, study, and I guess...well...view these films.

I don't know how true that is, or where the list actually came from. It's been debunked briefly and emphatically on Twitter, but it's a darn good list.

Charming story, too. Some bloggers seem outraged, or scoff that Mr. Spielberg would expect his employees and associates to learn all this. I think those persons are silly, or have probably not worked in the movie business.

If you were in the Picture Business, you'd need to know what a great picture looks like. If you were working with one of the greatest picture-makers ever, you would need to know your game. You have lots of competition, Boyo.

Odd only one of Mr. Spielberg's films is on this list. I think it is a good film, yes great, but not his best work, certainly not one of his recent masterpieces.

I don't think this list is all that far from the mark, so I pass it along to you. How many of these movies have you seen?

If you want to work with Mr. Spielberg, you should know these 206 films.

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