Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Filmmaking - Do you know MoCo?

Filmmaking - Do you know MoCo?

I got my start in the movie business waaay back,
making computer-controlled "robot cameras,"
when "motion control" was all the rage in filmmaking.

Now it's "MoCo," and it's still around, and it still
makes impossible shots happen. Very cool.

One of the great MoCo players is Bill Tondreau.
If you're in visual effects, you know who I'm talkin'

I met Bill on "Ghostbusters," as he made his motion
controller jog the Boss Film 65mm Oxberry around,
after I'd rebuilt and motorized it.

Bill's software made steppers make musical tones,
on their travels. I got so I could play tunes on it.
(Challenge was to play the tune without driving the
camera into the wall, or the light box.)

About Bill, I can only say, what an interesting guy.

Here's Bill's great MoCo page, from his outstanding site.

Hope you enjoy it,


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