Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Walt Disney Games

Walt Disney Games The Walt Disney Company has decided to remove "WALT" from the name of its family film division. Article "So Long Walt, Thanks for the Memories."

I feel an ache, just reading it.

This is a poor decision. Update: The blogs carrying this article seem to have vanished. Looks to be a hoax. I'm leaving this up, if anybody wants to know what I think. Repeat - hoax. Walt Disney Disney Games Walt Disney Games Walt Disney Company Disney Company Walt Disney Pictures Walt Disney Productions

Friday, November 04, 2011

Kodak Movie - Free New Films

Kodak Movie - Free New Films
Good news from an old friend, one E. Kodak.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

RED Camera - Movie Thriller - Seattle Filmmaking - MarQueen Movie

RED Camera - Movie Thriller - Seattle Filmmaking  - MarQueen Movie

"The MarQueen Movie" is Ryan Jorgensen and Jared Thompson and Chris Witherspoon's movie.
Sam promotes shows he, or his moustache, are in.

Jared Thompson, Ryan Jorgensen, Chris Witherspoon

"There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say 'Watch me.'"
-- Sam Longoria

Ryan Jorgensen and Jared Thompson are our Captains, Directing "The MarQueen" movie, and they are good ones. Smart and funny guys, but extremely serious about making their movie, and making it excellent.

Ryan Jorgensen, Jared Thompson

Ryan and Jared made a kickstarter video, for their "either/or productions," which showcases their earlier work. Ryan says it is nothing compared to what has all just been accomplished. I think "The MarQueen" is outstanding.

The MarQueen Movie Trailer

September 25 at 5:03pm

Sam Longoria:
"Shooting a movie. Nowhere else feels like Home to me. Great Show, Great Crew, Great Script, Great Helm, Talented, Good-lookin' Cast. New RED Camera, shooting 4k, good as it gets. I'm in the dang show, or my Moustache is, and I'm along to groom it. Pretty good! Back tomorrow."

Telisa Steen

Utah Mib: "What is the project?"Sam Longoria: "I can't tell you that now, but I will after we wrap."
Sam is all "Need To Know" with information.
If you don't need to know about it, Sam won't tell you. That keeps projects alive.

You can either TALK about a project, or else you can DO the project! If it's a secret, you get it done.  Sam learned this from his heroes - Mel Brooks, Richard Edlund, and Stanley Kubrick. BUT...If the project already has buzz, you gotta pass it along.

Josh Truax

September 26 at 3:09am
Hollywood Filmmaker Damon Packard: "Sam, will this have a theatrical release, or look for a distributor?"

Sam: "Damon - The best kind. Pre-sold, with even a theatre booking in a beautiful movie house with a big audience and state-of-the-art projection.
I can't wait, so I'm savoring every minute of this."

Damon: "Well, I hope you invite all us to the premiere.

Sam: "Of course!"

Samantha Motley

September 26 at 6:05am
Sam Longoria:

All done shooting today, so I sleep now, do more tomorrow. Some movie shoots are train wrecks, some are a death march, and sometimes it's all just a delight. You know it's all looking great, and everybody's doing great work.

This, I am proud and happy and delighted to say, is one of those, the delight one. I will have no trouble sleeping, and then awake and springing to it. Be glad for me. Be glad for this show. This is an every-so-often thing, and I'm savoring every delicious bit.

Remind me later, when I'm stuck in Ordinary, I said all this, and I will be proud and happy. I told me so. Good night!"

Good night, indeed! Sleep is at a premium. We're shooting in a Hotel, thank goodness. Long shooting days go all night, so Actors take turns between setups, stretching out on the beds to snooze. A sleepover.

 Telisa Steen, Samantha Motley, Sofia Rybin

Ryan Jorgensen posts a picture of "The MarQueen" RED Camera crew, shooting on a staircase, in the middle of the night in Seattle's Belltown.

Chris Witherspoon, Domenic Barbero, Ryan Jorgensen
Sam Longoria: "Boys with toys." Ryan Jorgensen's photo.

Telisa Steen, Sam Longoria, Samantha Motley, Sofia Rybin

MarQueen Movie
Sam Longoria: "Oh come on, there's room for one more, right?"

Jena Easton love this!

Sam Longoria Story conference.

Telisa Steen now that's a 'party'! ;o

Sam Longoria Wait 'til you hear the story.

September 27 at 6:37am

Sam Longoria:
Down the home stretch. Still exhilarating, still tiring, but looking more and more to be finished, in mere hours.

Shooting a scene at 2am, wait it's 3:30am, that's the nature of the beast. Time and goals are fluid and flexible, melting like a watch, stretching to the horizon.
Jared Thompson, Chris Witherspoon,
Josh Truax, Ryan Jorgensen

Just keep going. Put one foot in front of the other. 
As Walter Murch gave me, many years ago,
"Shot by shot, you must Win the Match."

This is hard work, and we are very tired.
We were supposed to shoot interview lines at 2am, but exhaustion met "out of time," and suddenly it was an hour past that, then two.

That's how it works, every time, you can depend on it. So tired you don't know where you are. That's why it is scary easy for all to fall apart.

That's when all the prep is helpful. Note cards, a shot list in your hip pocket will save you. Just to know which shot to do next is important, but only when that time arrives. All you can do now is finish this one.

Norman Newkirk

 September 27 at 6:43am
Sam Longoria: 
"We did a brutal murder, and cleaned it up. I got to Boom and Mix, wrangle and expedite. Spectacular camera work captured clever dialogue and beautiful performances. Finished off my lines, now it's the Martini shot, then some travel, and some sleep, if I have time. Jared and Ryan and Chris are brilliant, and our cast and crew built an amazing work. Very proud of 'em."

Nancy Beiman asks what is a Martini shot? Animation is Nancy's forte, and it doesn't have them, while Live Action shoots do. 
Sam: it's the final shot of the day. 
Nancy wonders if maybe Animation has something similar.

September 27 at 6:56pm
Sam Longoria:
And the brilliant MarQueen Movie is wrapped. I'm traveling and sleeping until further notice. If I don't answer knock, just push money under the door.

September 28 at 9:56am


Sam Longoria:
Are you awake? I just woke up, so everybody should be awake. I want there to be another day of shooting. Wow, it was good.Ryan Jorgensen says he was struck with the same feeling today. Exhausting as it was, he too just wants to keep shooting and shooting.

Sofia Rybin, Samantha Motley, 

Andrew Tribolinin, Telisa Steen

Screen grabs from the raw footage. 
Jared says, Just wait until the final colored and mastered version premieres in Seattle! At, let's say, a big venue!
September 30 at 11:38amSam explains to the great Nancy Beiman that "the MarQueen" movie is a Red Camera 4k show. Nancy assumes that's a High Definition movie, and hopes it plays in Canada, where she lives and teaches.


Sam Longoria:

"I'm a 4k convert. I'm a film guy all the way. (S8/R8/16/35/65mm/Imax). I've shot and built a few cameras, but I see we've reached the tipping point, in the film biz.

You can hang on to all your old film equipment, or you can sell it for a song, to me and other collectors. For shooting and theatrical presentation, Digital is now where it's at, I am sad yet cautiously glad to report.

I was on the Visual Effects Society "Golden Eyes" panel in Hollywood, and we looked at all the different digital formats, A/B with 35mm. We had to take an eye test to get on the panel!

I sat between Richard Edlund ASC and László Kovács ASC for a week, and screened movies in the old Warner theatre (Pacific), it was Heaven.

Richard said it, and at first I didn't agree, but now I admit it...4k digital looks as "good as film." Film has 10k resolution, and Digital is only 40% of that, but you can only measure the difference, you can't see it.

RED is a camera that will pull HD 2k or 4k, and it is light and small and really good quality, and blows the doors off HD, which is only 2k.

Starting with "Attack of the Clones," the "Star Wars" movies were shot in 2k HD. Please realize it took all George Lucas's money and his whole ILM studio to make the 2k digital image look that good.

George says "Where We Are Now" is just the beginning of Digital Filmmaking. This is as poor an image and process as it will be. It will only get better-faster-cheaper from here.  Good to remember.

Roger Ebert rightly points out the original "Star Wars Trilogy" films have more "punch" to them. They look better-sharper-clearer. That's because they were made on film. That may get better, as storage and pipelines get better-faster-cheaper.
Now, as to camera size. YUM! I've had Super 8mm and video cameras bigger than the RED. It is little and mighty. Yes...I have Techno-Lust.

Ryan Jorgensen reminds me not to forget the beautiful glass sitting at the front of the RED!  Of course. Ryan and Jared went for the beautiful Leica Primes. No flares, just perfect.

September 30 at 12:38am
Sam Longoria is tagged in MarQueen Movie's photo.

Sam Longoria:

"The MarQueen Movie successfully wrapped this weekend. Wonderful movie, wonderful shoot. RED camera, Leica Primes, 4k format. Great Script, top Cast, Crew, Helm. So happy to work on it."

You know, I look happy.


Just surviving an Indy Movie Shoot changes you.
You are Veterans!

MarQueen Movie:(Jared Thompson) Love you, Sam. Thank you so so much dear friend.
Sam Longoria: You know it's mutual. You are great, and you aim high.

MarQueen Movie: That's because our chins are always up! Nothing's impossible. Just force that will through the universe and figure out how it WILL happen.

Ryan signs off. He is tired. "And goodnight! I am DAMN TIRED."
That's it for him.