Tuesday, December 25, 2012

There was a Man - Charles Durning Actor

I met Charles Durning at the Oscars, in 1983. He'd been nominated for "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," Best Supporting Actor. 

I was struck by how much The Camera loved his face. It was stunning. In real life, you'd never know he was a movie star. In real life, he was startlingly, breathtakingly homely. The word "ugly" is not out of the question. Somehow, The Camera smoothed all that out on the movie screen, and fixed it. 

I actually jumped, seeing him in a crowd of really pretty people, which is what the Oscars crowd is. He looked like a potato, lumpy and bumpy, in a beauty pageant. 

Even more jarring, Mr. Durning had two incredibly beautiful women, each a solid Hollywood "10," one on each arm. Huge smiles all around, they clearly adored him. Whatever it takes to rise above a superficial first glance, to a Character Actor Star, he had it, in spades. 

I was 27, and worried I was starting Acting too late. I asked him, and he told me he only got started Acting in his '40s, but that I should hurry. I asked if Acting had been his first choice. He told me he'd had lots of other jobs, including Dance Instructor. But Acting...He grinned, and said, "What else could I do?" 

Mr. Durning was Oscar-nominated the following year, again Best Supporting, for Mel Brooks's "To Be Or Not To Be," and he's my favorite in lots of movies, notably The Coen Brothers's "The Hudsucker Proxy," "O Brother Where Art Thou," and David Mamet's "State and Main."

Rest in Peace, Charles Durning. You were great. A wonderful Actor. (And a war hero). You made your mark.

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Charles Durning Actor
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

TWINKIE Ingredients Twinkie Recipe Twinkie Song Clean and Jerk Sam Longoria The WILD SIDE

TWINKIE Ingredients Twinkie Recipe Twinkie Song
Clean and Jerk Sam Longoria The WILD SIDE

Clean and Jerk (Andrew Lorand and Preston Gould) recorded THE TWINKIE SONG, which played on  The WILD SIDE Radio Show in Hollywood, to great acclaim. 

Never before in History has a song seemed so ripped from daily headlines, in this case the tragic tale of Hostess Twinkie Snack Cakes.

The Hostess Cake company 
has been forced into bankruptcy by a union dispute, and there's a new and terrifying Twinkie development. They just ain't makin' 'em any more.

So I whipped up a creme-filled little video, as a filmmaking exercise, and to commemorate and commiserate, to benefit The WILD SIDE Foundation.

Song is skyrocketing up the charts, with a bullet-shaped snack cake.

Twinkie Ingredients
Twinkie Recipe

Twinkie Song

Clean and Jerk

Andrew Lorand

Preston Gould

Sam Longoria