Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tulalip Film Festival

Filmmaking - Film Festivals and Seminars

I am honored and delighted to be teaching filmmaking up at the Tulalip Education Center, and jurying at the Tulalip Film Festival, all this week.

The class is going to be fun. We'll be making a whole little movie, stem to stern, using what's available, with a dedicated newbie crew.

In the festival, there'll be a screening of the selected films at the Historic Theatre in Everett WA.

Daniel Jones and Stephen Jimenez are running things at the college.

They're such nice and knowledgeable guys, the students are receptive and enthusiastic, there's good press, and I'm talking about my favorite topic.

It couldn't be better.

Ramon Murillo dances in regalia, as Randy George sings.
Photo: Sam Longoria

Update: We got our movie done, screened some 20 films, gave out a bunch of awards at our awards ceremony. It was great, and I'm happy to have done it. Here's what the papers said.

My thanks to Robin Carneen and her great radio show, the "NAMAPAHH First People's Radio" broadcast.

Robin interviewed me and Ramon Murillo, native artist and dancer from our film, at the festival.

Robin also interviewed Daniel and Stephen, and Daniel and his wife Lena, and their creative sons, Derek and Aaron Jones.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In Praise Of Warren Miller

Filmmaking - Movie Mogul Dept.

Who are the moving movers in the movie biz?
Sam Goldwyn, Robert Altman, Stanley Kubrick,
Federico Fellini, Louis Buñuel?

They're great, I love 'em, but sometimes I just
want to see snow.

I nominate Warren Miller
as - what else - the ultimate mogul.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Last Year for SD - Past The Half Mark

As you might know from earlier entries in this blog,
2006 is the last year of broadcast for Standard
Definition (SD) television.

The NTSC raster scan shrinks to a dot on
31 December 2006, only 5 months hence.

Come New Year 2007, it's a brave new world
of High Definition television. (HDTV)

Shows have been broadcast sporadically in HD,
but from now on, participation is mandatory.
You will make HD. That's the official word.

It's possible the FCC might change its collective mind,
but I wouldn't count on it. Especially if you make
video to pay the rent.

What do you need to get started?

For the past 10 years, video production means "computers."
HD means "more computers," and "bigger-faster" ones, too.

Here's a FREE white paper that explains
what kind of integrated computer system
you need to make HD properly.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Film Finance: Arrow In Your Quiver

Filmmaking - Film Finance

As I get really close to release of my book,
"Secrets Of Raising Money For Your Movie,"
you really should be doing some prep work.

One of the things you should be working on,
no matter what size of your film, is writing
out a solid Business Plan.

Here's an article about Business Plans,
as they relate to filmmaking, and I hope
you take the time to read it.

Don't get the idea it must be complex!
A Business Plan is just a list of the business
events you want to happen, in the order they
should happen, for you to be successful.

Whatever you write down, that's what you get.
Simple? Yes.

Do Prospects and Investors want to see a
Business Plan? Yes. Will they give you the
money if you don't have one? Probably not.

Here's a hint for you:
"We'll just enter the film into some festivals,
and see what happens," is NOT a Business Plan.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Shooting 24p HD

Filmmaking - Shooting 24p HD

A concise reference for shooting 24p HD,
when you need one. Bon Appetit!