Thursday, July 13, 2006

Film Finance: Arrow In Your Quiver

Filmmaking - Film Finance

As I get really close to release of my book,
"Secrets Of Raising Money For Your Movie,"
you really should be doing some prep work.

One of the things you should be working on,
no matter what size of your film, is writing
out a solid Business Plan.

Here's an article about Business Plans,
as they relate to filmmaking, and I hope
you take the time to read it.

Don't get the idea it must be complex!
A Business Plan is just a list of the business
events you want to happen, in the order they
should happen, for you to be successful.

Whatever you write down, that's what you get.
Simple? Yes.

Do Prospects and Investors want to see a
Business Plan? Yes. Will they give you the
money if you don't have one? Probably not.

Here's a hint for you:
"We'll just enter the film into some festivals,
and see what happens," is NOT a Business Plan.


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