Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Front Projection For Filmmaking

Front Projection For Filmmaking
by Sam Longoria

Kind of a lost art today, front-projection was the Next Big Thing for studio and independent filmmaking, in the '70s and early '80s.

Does it still work? Yes! Good, quick, cheap, and remarkably convincing, front projection will enable your production to pull off many shots you'd find difficult with live or greenscreen techniques. View it through the viewfinder, real-time, no computer or monitor!

Is it easy? Not exactly. It takes a whole lot of testing and tweaking, to find the "sweet spot," where it all works. And you can't pan or tilt much, and your projector fan makes noise. Not much, but some.

What is the main advantage? Speed. When you write up the camera report and can the film at the end of the day, your composite is done!

Overhead View

Simple explanation of Front Projection


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Friday, February 07, 2014

Seattle Premiere "The Last Light" SIFF Center

Seattle Premiere "The Last Light" SIFF Center

"The Last Light"
has its Seattle premiere this Saturday 11:30am, at the SIFF Center, 305 Harrison Street, 206-633-7151  

It screens with other films, as part of the 2014 Post Alley Film Festival. Tickets: $15 General, $12.50 WIF/SIFF/NWFF Members, $10 Students/Seniors 
"The Last Light" was Written by Persephone Vandegrift, and is Produced by Lisa Cooper, and Directed by Jennifer Cummins.

"The Last Light" stars Telisa Steen, Sarah Dennis, Elora Coble, Randall Dai, Pearl Klein and Danika Collins.

The film shows a mother's journey through grief, after the loss of her youngest daughter.

Screenwriter Persephone Vandegrift is an award-winning Writer ("All Things Hidden," "Death of a Mortal Woman").

Producer Lisa Cooper is an award-winning Documentary Filmmaker ("Beyond Naked," "The Coffinmaker").

Director Jennifer Cummins has Directed and Produced videos for Sunsports and ABC News. To make "The Last Light," she selected the script, funded it with a IndieGoGo campaign, cast it, shot it over a weekend, edited it, and submitted the film to a dozen national and international Film Festivals. Wow!

"The Last Light" was Scored by award-winning Composer Catherine Grealish ("Reversal").

"The Last Light"
 has been approached by the American Online Film Festival, to participate in its 2014 winter showcase in New York.
Jennifer Cummins 206-445-5138
Jennifer Cummins or Lisa Cooper
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