Friday, May 27, 2005

RIP Eddie Albert

Oh, no. Eddie Albert died today,
at the age of 99.

"Green Acres" is still my favorite
sitcom of all time, as it's so far beyond tv.
It's surreal and insane!

If you watch it carefully, you'll eventually notice
most of the dialogue is shot before painted backdrops.
That show cost virtually nothing but a backdrop rental
and some actors every week. And some film. Love it.

I'm so sorry to hear of Eddie Albert's passing. He was a real
war hero, a good singer, and is in one of my most favorite movies.

Elaine May's "The Heartbreak Kid," starring her daughter Jeanne Berlin,
Charles Grodin, and Cybill Shepherd. Script by Neil Simon.
Eddie played Cybill's Dad, and was he tough! And funny.

Grodin, a shallow opportunistic newlywed, who's just abandoned
his bride because she has the worst sunburn ever filmed,
asks Eddie something like,
"Sir, would you be all right with me keeping company
with your daughter?"

Eddie, tough as nails, responds:
"Not if I were dragged forty miles by my tongue."

Rest in peace, Eddie.

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