Friday, June 17, 2005

Money For Your Movie - Hurry!

Well, we're back on the air, after a massive computer snarl.
I'm holding the 28% discount on my ultimate filmmaking
money-raising guide until it ships, which will be soon.

Completely updated the links, so it's even more relevant and useful.
Whole bunch of new info, for those who want to apply for grants
(free money you never have to repay) as well as my simple system
to find and qualify investors for your film and video projects.
Chock-full of these and other loan sources. You'll love it.

With all this information at your fingertips, if you can't raise all the money
you need, you're not trying. (Maybe you don't really want to be a filmmaker...)
Fully backed by my awesome 1 year money-back guarantee.

The 28% discount is for those who order in the next few days before
it ships. I'm focused on the book right now, and I appreciate your patience.
"Secrets Of Raising Money For Your Movie"

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