Thursday, September 22, 2005

3-perf's Ghost Frame

Ooh, kids, it's scary scary...

3-perf seems a nice format, a big 16:9 image on
less 35mm "real estate," but it is...secretly...
A monster!

In the first place, even though it looks great on the
screen, it's deformed.

3-perf has alternating long and short feet!
Its ghost perf adds up, and creates one extra frame
every third foot. What?

Sounds like the kid writing his folks from camp,
that he's grown another foot.

As it runs, 3-perf's feet go "short-short-long."
Like the Mummy chasing the girl around the tomb.

Here's a site that describes the problem.
And another where they discuss the problem.
Even a drawing of the problem.

None of which solve the problem, The undulating
number of 3-perf frames in 35mm feet.

Kodak could help, by printing the keycode on the
negative every 60 perfs instead of every 64.
Both 3- and 4-perf divide evenly into 60.
(Every 20 and 15 frames, respectively.)
That would help a lot, but Kodak's busy.

We could throw feet:frames out altogether,
and go by absolute frame count.
Yeah, that'll happen.

Sometimes, it runs twice as fast.

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