Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More AFM Than Ever Before

More exhibitors, buyers and attendance, according to the
American Film Market itself. An all-time high of more than
8000 attendees, up 13% from last year. 1,583 buyers, from
62 countries.

If you can't sell your movie here, perhaps it cannot be sold,
except possibly door-to-door, and cut-up as banjo picks.

More sellers here than ever before, too. 419 companies from
33 countries sent 3,822 attendees, 6% more than last year.

1,526 Industry attendees, up 34% from last year.

534 films in 35 languages, including 382 market premieres.
Last year had only 459 films.

I'm writing this atop the Arclight Cinemas, which is the
Hollywood Cinerama Dome, at the party for
the 2005 AFI FEST.

I wanted to attend the fest, but I'm tired,
and there is no fest for the weary.

What's it like here? Imagine a huge white Quonset tent,
filled with hundreds of film enthusiasts. The AFI
and South By Southwest and Audi are serving them
booze and chocolate chip cookies. There's bottled
water too, and cherry tomatoes on sticks.
Oh, it's wild.

Next tent over has a documentary about a well-known
bad word. People talk about the bad word, and it also
serves as the film's title, and I suppose, a review.

Various porn stars, who use and do that word, sneak into
this tent for the food, to their enormous disappointment.

Glad I'm not hungry, and there's a fast internet connection.

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