Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Great Online Sound Effects Library.

Filmmaking - Free Sound Effects

Thanks for the kind words for my movie sound article.

Some whiners email me, to say that good sound is
"too expensive."

You know what's expensive? A movie that you spend
a year or more making, and it still has sucky sound.

Do you know that movie sound is at least 75% of the
film experience? That's the illusion that your movie
is a cohesive whole, and not just a patchwork of various
picture and sound pieces. It comes from good music,
good sound, and a good mix.

How do you get good sound?

First, you need to record good sound.
Second, you replace any bad sound.
Third, you put in hard effects for your
effects tracks, and...

What? Sound effects is the expensive part?
Here's a great free sound resource.



  1. So much would it cost to ADR an entire feature movie. Could I get a lot of ADR done, for say, $2,000?

  2. hey sam,

    those sound effects seem to be copyrighted by sounddogs.

    for really free sounds, try the freesound project. http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/

    people are adding to it all the time and they are Creative Commons licensed. i think it's a great resource.


  3. Thanks Anne, love it! Anybody else have a favorite source of free or cheap sound effects?

  4. Also, digitallion,

    >So much would it cost to ADR an entire feature movie?

    My rule of thumb is, paying retail, I expect it to cost around $50k to do the job right. Working on my home computer, taking time, finishing the mix myself, it can be anything, including zero.

    >Could I get a lot of ADR done, for say, $2,000?

    Certainly. For a discussion of exactly how to get deals in post, spend a couple of dollars (literally) and get my Independent filmmaking CD, Vol I. I interview a producer who gets consistently great sound tracks for very little money.


  5. I know an inside guy at the following site in development, www.isoundfx.com

    My friend has done sound for over 15 years, including full film production sound. He's currently developing sound effects for the site's library. According to him the sounds will be royalty free, but will be high quality.

  6. Anne Walk,

    Check out www.isoundfx.com in December. I hear tell the royalty free sound effects will be dirt cheap.