Friday, September 29, 2006

Party at Sundance!

Filmmaking - Utah Commercial Contest

Utah is beautiful. I spoke there last May,
(Media Guest of Honor at ConDuit 16), safari afterward
with some wonderful Utahan friends. Thank you all, I am grateful.

Here's an interview I did there with lovely Autumn Thatcher,
for Utah Educational TV, and their wonderful "Sci-fi Friday" show.

And undoubtedly the very best 2006 music video composed
entirely of Utah place names, set to a Beach Boys tune
. Cool!

Utah is no stranger to movies, of course. Tom Mix started it all,
and Hollywood filmmakers have been shooting there since 1922.

John Ford shot several of the very best westerns ever in Utah.

Now, the Utah Film Commission wants entries for the fourth
annual commercial contest,
to promote Utah as a filmmaking
location, and showcase local filmmakers.

Up to four 30-second commercials or television spots may be
submitted through 30 Nov 2006, and the
winners will be announced 15 December 2006.

Winning entries will air during the 2007 Sundance Film Festival
on Park City tv's "In the Can" show.

Utah Film Commission awards $1,500 per winner, and also
awards passes to the Sundance film festival, including tickets
to parties and receptions.

What are you waiting for? Application information is
online at


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