Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sam's 2007 Oscar Report...

Filmmaking - Oscar 2007

Dear Film Friend,

I've decided the best use of my time this year is to work on
my own projects, rather than watching or attending the Oscars.
I will be working on my book, and my movies.

So I will not be there, watching, or even thinking about,
the Academy Awards in 2007.

My best wishes go out to my friends Mark Stetson and Bill Neil,
who did Special Visual Effects on "Superman Returns," which is
nominated, and Richard Edlund, who was awarded a John Bonner
medal by the Motion Picture Academy this year. We all worked
together on "Ghostbusters," 24 years ago.

Those who enjoyed my Oscar reports of previous years can still
read some of them here.

Best to you,

Sam Longoria


Okay, okay. Thank you for all the email and voicemail.
I have written a 2007 Oscar Report, and it's available here.
See if your guess is as good as mine.

Sam Longoria
Top Secret Film School
Passion For Cinema


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