Saturday, April 21, 2007

Filmmaking - Whither Animation?

Filmmaking - Animation

Here are two articles (Relax - a quick read) that are the most encouraging things I've read about the state of commercial
animation, in quite a long while.

If your heartbeat still accelerates at the thought of really good animation, you should read this. (Both parts!)



  1. Mr. Longoria. This is Howard T (myspace) I am working on a song for my band Digitalica, its called "Pixel Dust" sort of like Heavy Metal, my question is; Would it be better to use animation for a video to accompany it rather then the usual shots of the Band playing the song??? Howard T

  2. Howard,

    Animation can be very effective. Animation is magic, because it usually depicts things that just can't happen in real life. You have more control over animation than live-action, down to elements in a single frame. But...

    It depends, if it is GOOD animation, or BAD animation.
    Your choice.