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Film Production - Mini DV or HD Camcorder? Make your Independent Movie!

Film Production - Mini DV OR HD Camcorder? Make Your Independent Movie!

Filmmaker Anthony Watkins shot his two feature movies (2003's "Counseling Day," and 2008's "Mall Robbers") on Super 16mm film, but admits other people's movies might get done faster if they'd use readily-available digital movie gear, in Mini DV or HD camcorder formats .

Anthony has bought and/or built camera dollies and film equipment, to support and move his film cameras through their shots and sequences. So he appreciates the new digital formats can be lighter and less unwieldy for transport and use.

Anthony loves the look of film, and Super 16mm is cheaper and easier than industry-standard 35mm film, so that's what he shoots.

Once shot, Anthony's film is digitally scanned into computer files, which he edits on his Apple G5 workstation, with his Final Cut Pro HD editing software.

Anthony's veteran comments and information are included on his "Making Of" DVD, included in his new feature film "Mall Robbers."

You can learn film production and where to rent movie gear and film equipment, and how to make your own indie film.

Discover secrets of film financing, as you secure your own film funding for your independent movie.

"Mall Robbers" was shot in 35 nights, in a suburban mall in Washington State. A wild slapstick comedy, about three groups of witless robbers, who break into the same mall on the same night. Matching wits (or lack) with them is the alert, uniformed Mall Security Force.

Laugh your head off, and discover how Super 16mm or 35mm film, or Mini DV or HD camcorder digital formats, can help you make your own independent movie.

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  1. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Great article...really informative.
    I bought COUNSELING DAY...will have to get MALL ROBBERS too!

  2. Mini DV or HD camcorder is really changing the film making landscape by allowing any aspiring film maker to make a movie. Even some of the big time film makers such as Michael Mann have switched over to HD cameras.