Thursday, December 18, 2008

Film Production - Make A Movie In Your House!

Film Production - Make A Movie In Your House!

My friends Paige and Joshua Sternin sent me a really good
and darkly funny web video series they shot in their house.

It's "Overkill: A Love Story," four YouTube episodes.
There are some famous people with roles in their show.
Yes, that's Tom Arnold - see who else you can spot.

My friend Bob Kushell does a great web video show from a garage in Van Nuys. It's called "Anytime," and it's got a band and comedy and a dog, which is deeply and meaningfully in love with Bob's leg. You know, something for everybody. New episodes each Thursday.

Way back, we were all kids, doing improv in Hollywood. I hope you enjoy my friends' cool home-made 5-minute shows.


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  1. Thanks for placing all of the great videos in one place. I do Video Production in Austin Texas and love to look at other work. Thanks again.