Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Film Production - My Favorite Film Of 2009

Film Production - My Favorite Film Of 2009
(No matter what's in theatres before New Year).

This made me want to make a movie again!

It reminds me of Richard Lester's "Running Jumping Standing Still"
and Norman McLaren's "Neighbours." Both of which I love.

Running Jumping Standing Still Film (excerpt)


Hope David Berry continues with "The Tourist," and tells its story.
Quite compelling watching.

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  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Barbara Morris writes,

    That isn't ALL computer enhancement...wow, don't have a clue how hard it must be...very well done....my education film 101.
    "Neighbors"...loved it! Was it really made in 1952???
    If so, how did they get the shadows when the neighbors were floating above the lawn.....?

    Yesterday at 12:03am

    Sam Longoria responds,

    If you mean, "Was the image made in or composited by computer?" mostly no, it's in-camera. Flames were added, and lens flares, but that's it.

    "The Tourist" and "Neighbours" are excellent examples of "pixilation," which is stop-motion animation of people.

    Difficult? It's shot a frame at a time, over many long periods. The subject goes on many locations, between exposures, including various deserts, forests, beaches, and New York City. Yes, tedious and difficult.

    Also yes, "Neighbours" was made by the National Film Board of Canada in 1952, and won the Best Short Subject Oscar for 1953. Norman McLaren not only shot the movie, on film, a frame at a time, he DREW the sound, "bleeps and bloops" onto the optical soundtrack on the film's edge. You know that's gonna take a while.

    Shadows were cast the regular way, as sunlight was blocked by the subject. Players floated in the air because Norman took pictures, as they jumped and were in the air. Many, many times...

    Barbara Morris writes,

    Wow! Even more impressive than I thought.
    Film 101 for me, a passion for you. Thanks!
    I liked the "message" in "Neighbors, too. And, I hope The Tourist(ALL those locations!!) will be finished...keep us posted, please?

    Sam writes,

    You bet.