Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Klingon Family Reunion at Minneapolis CONvergence

Klingon Family Reunion at Minneapolis CONvergence

Summertime is great for a Family Reunion.  But...what if you are a Klingon?  (Sinister alien empire, sometime-nemesis of "Star Trek" Captains Kirk and Picard).

Thought Admiral Kris (John Halvorson), 
Kwak (Danny McCabe), K-bob

John Halvorson a 20-year Certified Klingon Translator - known as "Thought Admiral Kris," and Danny McCabe - known as "Kwak," both fully-costumed members of the fearsome Klingon Empire, attend numerous "Star Trek" and "Klingon" themed US science-fiction conventions.

Kris and Kwak belong to the Hollywood CA chapter of the nationwide Klingon Assault Group, which includes fellow Hollywood Klingons, "K-boom" (Comedian Dana Snow), and Klingon promoter, "K-tell" (Producer Sam Longoria).

Keg, Kwak, Kris

Kris and Kwak are in Minnesota with fellow Klingon, "Keg," (Marty Ramerez), at the prestigious CONvergence science fiction convention, in Minneapolis July 1-4, 2010.

Kris and Kwak will host the "Kurkura Family Reunion," at the CONvergence convention's Sheraton Bloomington hotel, at 1121 Jackson St NE Minneapolis, MN 55413  (651) 647-3487

John Halvorson "Kris," is the founder of the Klingon Assault Group, and his Klingon family is named "Kurkura."  It is the oldest-known Klingon family.

Mmm!  Klingon babe Cammie

Researching Klingon names in 1982, Halvorson found "Kurkura," while looking through a Hindu dictionary.  Kurkura is a minor deity, a dog-demon that attacks children.

As Halvorson enjoys harassing Starfleet-oriented Star Trek clubs, it seemed an appropriate name.  "'Kurkura' has a nasty sound to it too, real Klingon stuff," says John.

K-bob, in a moment of repose, sells tickets.

John enjoys his own family reunions, and a Klingon "Kurkura Family Reunion" sounded like fun.  "Nobody's had a Klingon family reunion yet I'm aware of, so I'll start one with MY Klingon family," says John, who also runs the Imperial Trade Mission, a Klingon Twitter forum, and the ITV blog.

John and his Kurkura Family are looking to increase their number.
If you'd like to become a member of the distinguished Klingon Kurkura family, approach John and Danny and Marty at CONvergence, or write John at johnhalvorson@comic.com


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