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Film Production - Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society HMS Pinafore 2010

Film Production - Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society HMS Pinafore 2010

I can't believe it's the year 2010 already.
 Fortunately, Time's passage doesn't require my belief.  Here in 2010, I'm up in Seattle for some weeks, to sing and dance in a wonderful production of Gilbert & Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore," which was first produced in 1876.  Our show runs through the month of July.

"HMS Pinafore"
 pokes fun at aristocracy, class distinction, loving above one's station, the military and the British Empire.

It was up-to-the-minute from the get-go, including reference to a fantastic new scientific invention,
the telephone, which was just invented!  Mr. Gilbert had one, with a wire between his house and Mr. D'Oyly Carte's  theatre, which means his London phone number was "1."

That also means "HMS Pinafore" has the very first, original cell phone joke - which is the line, "No telephone communicates with his cell."

"HMS Pinafore" I'm a member of the "right good crew," and am delighted I get to keep my moustache, I'm right up-to-date for this particular production.  By comparison, here are some real sailors of the era.

 The cast is really good.  
William J. Darkow brings his beautiful baritone voice to the part of  our Captain Corcoran, and Dave Ross's rich radio voice creates the angry, plain-speaking Dick Deadeye, wounded critic-at-large of our Topsy-Turvy ship.  Oliver Donaldson and Jenny Shotwell are the class-crossed lovers.  Here are some lovely sisters, cousins, and aunts. 

Nathan Rodda
, a phenomenal Artist, designed the sets, and Gary Webberley and he built them.  Bernie Kwiram is our Musical Director, and conducts the Orchestra.  Our Director is Christine Goff, her staging and Direction are spectacular, and I like her gags.  Producer Mike Storie makes it all happen.

 In his 
"HMS Pinafore" lyrics, W.S. Gilbert masterfully creates an entire world, and satirically lampoons his own real one.  Sir Arthur Sullivan's beautiful music conjures an operatic choir that can turn on a dime, and principal parts that soar and thrill their way to triumphant presentation.


Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen,
For now the sky is all serene;
The god of day -- the orb of love --
Has hung his ensign high above,
The sky is all ablaze.

With wooing words and loving song,
We'll chase the lagging hours along,
And if I find the maiden coy,
I'll murmur forth decorous joy
In dreamy roundelays!

It's a
great show.  I hope you can attend!


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