Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Is Final Cut Pro X ?

What Is Final Cut Pro X ?

I've always had a Mac. Since we were all Apple developers at Boss Film 1983, before little beige Mac I (128k RAM!) came out.

I don't trust Apple since 2004, when I bought new FCP editing system on Friday, and on Monday, calling for technical support, was told I had bought "an obsolete computer." Not even a hint from the Friday salesman.  Monday brought new computer, new operating system, and new FCP! No more Macs for me.

Today, there's a new Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro X. New FCP looks just like iMovie. That is to say, quick and easy for Hobbyists, but none of the control a Pro needs.  They've dumped 2 million FCP users in the drink. So that game is over.

Here is a video that explains why this is a good thing.

Conan O'Brien (of all people) has his say, on Final Cut Pro X.

Last FCP X clip, I promise. I don't usually let Hitler into minor
discussions, and this clip does go over the line,
but if you can take it, FCP Verboten!
CAUTION: (Deservedly) rough language, and well, Hitler.

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  1. Hit the nail on the head (into the fcp coffin?).

    Four of our editors jumped at this at the moment of its release. It must be bad if Apple actually changed their software return policy.

  2. Final Cut Pro was made basically for the MAC, while I was a windows user. In windows, I would use Adobe Premiere, if you think personally, which one is better? latest technology Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere CS?

    FYI: I am a college students majoring in communication, which is wrestle Film Editing.

    Thank you for the reference ^ ^

  3. Question is what to move to?!

  4. Ive been using Adobe premier for years maybe you should give that ago :)

  5. Premiere is working! All of it, easily. It will be a long time before I trust Apple again.

  6. If you want a wonderful Editing program, designed and supported by Pro Editors, I recommend Lightworks. Oh, and it's free.‎

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  8. Davinci Resolve is a wonderful program, and I'm steeply learning the few differences. Even the free version is great. I have used the other modules, at other times, and all are quite excellent. Fairlight? THE Australian sound program? Yes, the very same, and still works great. I tried all of the others, and still love Lightworks best, but it crashes on my MAChine. Davinci works, and doesn't crash. I need this thing cutting NOW, so Resolve it is.