Thursday, February 09, 2012

Watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark

I was present at ILM once upon a time,
 a guest of my friend and mentor Richard Edlund ASC, when they were shooting "Raiders Of The Lost Ark."

The day of the film's premiere, I attended a theatre screening of it, and was married in a hot-air balloon. That's an adventure!

Later, I bought a movie theatre, and ran that wonderful movie, for much of that year, in it.

I went on to work in Hollywood, with Richard and many of the "Raiders" visual effects team, on "Ghostbusters" and other movies.

I have met Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and Harrison Ford, and lots of those guys, and I love "Raiders Of The Lost Ark!"

Nothing could have prepared me for Jamie Benning's wonderful treatment of the film, in his "Filmumentary" movie, "Raiding The Lost Ark." It is GOOD.

KOSU article about "Raiding The Lost Ark."

NPR article about Jamie's filmumentary.

Benning turns "Raiders" on its head, inserting new angles and making-of footage and interviews and commentary, from remarkably unlikely sources.

You would think this would be distracting or detrimental to your viewing experience, but NO. It is a whole new experience, and quite a good one.

Take it from this jaded Hollywood Visual Effects Man and Filmmaker and Movie Theatre Owner: Set some time aside, and watch this movie. Do it NOW.

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  1. It IS good, though the extended sequences of Phil Schumans "Making of" are overkill. Interspersed through the film is one thing, but the whole filming of the Raven bar sequence was too much.

    That being said, some of the Star Wars type "wipes" were pretty nice.