Friday, February 15, 2013

When Are The Oscars Decided?

When Are The Oscars Decided? 

Most think of the Academy Awards selection as a mysterious process. I've seen some parts of it up close, and I can tell you, what I saw was just a bunch of guys having dinner, and discussing "Who did what," Who deserves what," and "Who gets what." Just like you or I would judge a school Talent Show or local Film Festival.  

When are the Oscars decided? Three times. When they are Nominated, When they are reported in the Media, and again When they are Voted upon. 

Are there rules to the selection? Yes, and you have probably noticed them. If you haven't noticed the rules, Journalist Bill Wyman has, and he will share them with you.

Who are the Oscars?
What are the Oscars?
Where are the Oscars?
When are the Oscars?
When are the Oscars decided?
How are the Oscars?

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