Monday, July 15, 2013

"Solar System Soup" Is Yummy! - Book Review

"Solar System Soup" Is Yummy! - Book Review
This review is from: Solar System Soup (Paperback)
Children's Book, Story by Lindsay Marshall,
Illustrated by Don Bearwood

A good story carries one far away, and this one certainly does that. It takes me to when I was five, skipping second grade at Sartori Elementary in Renton, Washington, in 1961.

My school had an enormous library, full of good books and a nice Librarian, who imparted to me my love of books and facts and stories. That Library was amazing! There were screenings of Bell Laboratory science movies (Directed by Frank Capra), great big Encyclopedias, and huge models of Saturn and our Moon, hanging in the Lobby. It was magnificent, and I remember it fondly.

I walked under those planetary models every day, and I went to the Library as often as I could, and my imagination was stoked! I wanted to go to Outer Space! (I almost went once, and I'll tell you about it some time).

Well, this book is like that. "Solar System Soup," written by Lindsay Marshall and Illustrated by Don Bearwood, takes the Reader on a fanciful journey around our Solar System, where Sam's Dad gathers ingredients from the Planets, to make Sam a special Birthday Soup.

It's a simple story, and a good one, and if I tell you too much, I'll just mess it up. Don Bearwood's illustrations are charming, done in colored pencil and paint, by hand! Not on a computer! And they are lovely, in that way I remember from my favorite books as a child. They stick in my mind, and I am glad I read this book. You'll like "Solar System Soup," too! So will your kids.

Sam Longoria      
Hollywood CA USA  


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