Sunday, March 08, 2015

Photography Jobs - Cinematography Jobs - Where The Cameras Are

Photography Jobs - Cinematography Jobs - Where The Cameras Are

First, don't look for Camera work on Craigslist. He wants you to bring your own camera and gear, which means invest in his show, so maybe all you get is screen credit - if you get that. Don't take those jobs, if you can avoid them.

Let me tell you a secret. When you decide not work for free, all the Paying Jobs show up. Once you're good enough to charge money - Charge it, and be proud to be worth the money. Don't take hobby-jobbies!

You have a Gift. You know what the shot should look like, and which two shots it goes between. They wouldn't know a well-composed and beautifully taken photo, if it clutched them around the neck. So they need you. They really must pay you - You have the gift, and they don't.

Look on Mandy, and look on ProductionHub, and work little jobs for cheap at the start, but always get paid and always do a Pro job, to build your Pro reputation. Your reputation is really all you have - protect it. If you hear somebody talking smack about you, bring it to his attention, fast! But get to be friends if you can.

Don't pass along bad rumors about anybody. Denigrating somebody is amateur night, both in real life and (especially bad) online. Some guys think they're safe behind a computer screen, so they print outrageous things about you. If he does that, he's just jealous. Report bad behavior, and go on.

Just focus on your own job - and do it, quickly and well.

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