Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seattle Videography - LeftJet Studios

Seattle Videography - LeftJet Studios

South of Seattle's Downtown and Sports Stadium, on Airport Way, across the street from the Mercedes Dealership, is LeftJet Studios. Owned by Joshua Redmond, who created it as a labor of love, both for himself and many Seattle Photographers and Videographers and Filmmakers, for whom it is their creative home.

LeftJet Studios has two main stages.

"Hangar A" (above) has a curved Cyclorama wall, which means persons and objects may be photographed with no apparent horizon or shadow.

Before the "Cyc," objects can be photographed as separate from the real world, to be recombined with other backgrounds and elements, for a seamless representation of a new and created "reality."

With 24 hours notice, the "Cyc" can be repainted a particular shade of electronic green, to allow combination of all the elements, in the Visual Effects compositing computer.

"Hangar B" is a large open space, with flat walls, and many rolls of photo background paper. Any setting or location can be created in it. Recent use has yielded a bedroom, a kitchen, a spaceship, and a shanty kitchen for a black-and white period comedy!

(818) 533-8538 (LEFT-JET)

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