Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Roger Corman's 90th Birthday - Happy Birthday Roger!

Filmmaking - milestones

Roger Corman, the elegant "King of the Indies"
turns 90 years old today! Go Roger!

I had dinner with Roger Corman, on a boat in Seattle years
ago, and could not get over it, this elegant gentleman in a
cashmere sweater was the same man who Directed a movie
called "Bucket of Blood."

Years later, I worked at his secret Venice movie studio,
and learned a lot about making movies, perhaps the most
important thing is, Don't listen to anybody who says you can't.

Back when, Roger had a rubber stamp and a ream of typing paper for his stationery, dressed in simple elegance, and refused to waste a cent. He wrote the book on the subject.

Ninety years old is quite an achievement, so I send
a heartfelt (and cheap) Happy Birthday Roger Corman!

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