Monday, July 10, 2017

David Mamet - Teaches Dramatic Writing - MasterClass

David Mamet - Teaches Dramatic Writing - MasterClass

I first discovered David Mamet when I got onto his screening list, for his feature movie "House of Games," with Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna, and Ricky Jay. Screenings were at MGM in Culver City.

I watched several iterations of his movie, dutifully filled out my audience cards from my arrogant young view as a Filmmaker and Editor, and was invited back, called by an Assistant, to see subsequent edits.

Before my wondering eyes, I saw his movie grow from the original tight straight linear story, to a more artful, lighter telling of the tale. Minor changes usually, but once I saw a whole section put into a different order, and the whole was quite improved.

I had built my improv theatre by that time, and all I knew of David Mamet was, if you got "David Mamet" as a style suggestion, the quickest way to a laugh was do a scene of foul language. That was our understanding of him.

Seeing the changes he made, in repeated viewings of his first commercial feature film as Director, gave me an entirely different view of him as an Artist. I more understood what he wanted to do. 

Seeing what he shaved away, and what he carved off in chunks, showed me what he thought important, and what was inconsequential. I also went to screenings of his "State and Main," which also was excellent.

He definitely has an ear for Dialogue, and a clear view of how he wants it to serve his scenes. He doesn't put anything in, which doesn't push his story forward.

I am delighted Mr. Mamet has a video Masterclass. I know it will be good, and it will be insightful. Please tell me if you get into it, and how it helps you.

-- Sam Longoria

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