Saturday, April 02, 2005

Something Funny In Hollywood...

It's late, late at night, and I'm working hard.
Desi and Lucy are playing in the background.
The great 1954 comedy, "The Long, Long Trailer."
It's just so...good. Produced by Pandro S. Berman,
Directed by Vicente Minnelli (Liza's dad.)
Classic screen comedy, when MGM was the best
studio in town, making the best movies, period.
Lucy was great, so solid as a comedienne. Desi was
wonderful, quite underrated. A brilliant performer
and businessman, he swung their great deals, inventing
the 3-camera sitcom shoot and the re-run. I interviewed
Desi Jr. for a tv show, and have nothing but respect.
This one is really Desi and Lucy at the top of their game.
Read about it, and see what I mean.

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