Wednesday, September 20, 2006

24p-ness Envy

Filmmaking - Cameras

Sony has announced its latest 24P camera, shooting
in - of all formats - HDV. Big pix, little tape.

It's the latest and the greatest. It's compact,
with XLR pro audio connectors and everything.
Want one? Bit of techno-lust?

Read all about it



  1. ah, but the envy would be moreso if they were shooting on hard media. tape is dead. gotta shoot cards. :)

  2. I agree. For digital to really, really work, cost of memory has to come down, so tape goes away, and somebody has to build a truly-digital image sensor, many times current resolution.

    For now, it's "good enough," and they've got the "easier" part down, but for it to work as well as film has for a century, it's gotta be "faster," "cheaper," AND "higher quality."