Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Filmmaking - Biggest Mistakes Filmmakers Make Raising Money

Filmmaking - Film Financing

Are You Making These
10 Film Financing Mistakes?

Special free report, "10 Biggest Mistakes Filmmakers
Make Raising Money."

Describes exactly which devastating errors to avoid in your
search for Film Financing. Are you making them right now?

Mistake 1: A money attitude you learn from Parents,
Teachers, and Friends. Unlearn it, or it will destroy you.

Mistake 2: You finally have five minutes with your Movie Angel.
Have you done your Homework?

Mistake 3: You know "It takes money to make money,"
but what does it take to raise money?

Mistake 4: Guessing how much to ask for, or what to
give in return
, is a one-way ticket to failure.

Mistake 5: Even if you know the right thing to say,
saying it the wrong way will sink you.

Mistake 6: Pitching the wrong Prospects.
Do you know who yours really are?

Mistake 7: What never to say to a Movie Investor Prospect,
and what he's hoping you'll say.

Mistake 8: These 8 POOR PITCHES never get you money.
You're probably doing one right now.

Mistake 9: Even if you really believe in your project,
this one little mistake will send you home a Loser.

Mistake 10: You found and approached your Movie Angel.
He said, "Yes!" Can you still screw up? You bet.

And much, much more...

Discover the right way to raise money for your movie, regardless of your filmmaking or film financing experience or location.


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