Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sundance Film Festival 2008 - Aftermath

Filmmaking - Sundance Journal

Seattle filmmaker Paul Fraser returns from Sundance 2008, to a media frenzy with Sam Longoria and BJ Shea, on Seattle's #1 Morning Radio show, KISW - FM's the BJ Shea Experience.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paul Fraser and Sam Longoria are interviewed by BJ Shea at Seattle's KISW radio station.

Paul explains the finer points of his filmmaking,
and his film "The Battles of Tim Eyman."

BJ comments on clips from the film, in which he appears and speaks.

Sam tells what it takes
to promote an indy feature film.

Studio video, shot of Sam at the end, at 4:20. Quite vulgar up to that point, and perhaps during.

Here's Paul and Sam's interview itself.
It's a guy show,
#1 Seattle morning show.

Paul and Sam and BJ and the Crew had a great time,
and it was very good radio.

BJ Shea's "Steve the Producer's" blog explains all of science, including quantum string theory.
Video Blog of part of the show.  At very end, slow-mo Sam Longoria and his moustache.

Hope you enjoy it!

Paul Fraser
Sam Longoria

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