Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flip UltraHD Video Camera

Flip UltraHD Video Camera
Ho ho ho! It's Christmas 2010, at the North Pole.

In the lower latitudes, Filmmakers shop for what we want, then we leave notes with pointed hints for Santa, or his little helpers, so they'll fetch us film and video tools, with which we make our movies.

This year, a few HD cameras have sorted themselves out of the herd, and I'll point 'em out a few quick seasonal HD camcorder reviews.

The World's Simplest HD Camcorder

This is the Third Generation for the popular Flip UltraHD Video Camera so they really have refined it.  The camera is rugged and simple, and easy to use.  You know me.  I like those things.

Work It

Turn it on, hit the red "Record" button, and you'll grab up to 8 Gb (2 Hours record time) of clear, sharp 720p HD video.  It even cancels out some extraneous camera jitter, with its built-in image stabilization, but I'd move it slowly, just like any other movie camera.

The camera captures at twice the normal NTSC video frame rate.  (
60fps instead of 30fps).  Easy to convert to other frame rates, too.

When shooting is over, just fold out the
USB port, and load your footage onto your computer, for editing.  Remember, you'll need a bigger computer and storage, to edit the bigger HD files, or convert them to SD for cutting.  (Don't worry, it's easy to do).

The newly-revised Flip UltraHD Video Camera combines its shoot-and-share simplicity with quite good-looking HD video.  The battery is rechargeable, and the cool part is, you just carry the Flip UltraHD camcorder easily in your shirt pocket, to capture things you would miss otherwise.

There's an HDMI jack, to fit your HDTV.  Instant camera, instant theatre!  Lighting is good under tungsten or fluorescent, I really like its daylight rendition.

Soundtrack is AAC digital audio format, designed to sound better than standard mp3 files.  AAC is compatible with most newer audio devices, so it sounds good, too.  If you can't tell, I love this camera, and how simple it is.

Holy Last-Minute!
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