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Vincent Rocca - Rebel Without A Deal

Vincent Rocca - Rebel Without A Deal

In my opinion, Vincent Rocca's book, "Rebel Without A Deal," is a perfect Christmas Filmmaker Stocking Stuffer. Ever since Vincent dropped out of High School, his life's dream and journey has been to make a movie.

With that abandonment of common sense so exciting and attractive to wives and girlfriends everywhere, Vincent joined thousands of other desperate filmmakers, but did something most of those never do.  He actually got his movie off the ground.

Balancing a burning quest for excellence with his actual resources, Vincent shot his full-length feature, "Kisses & Caroms," in 5 days, for $11,000 cash.

Even though
its quality is therefore at least twice that of any 48-hour film contest winner, for some reason many film festivals rejected it.  Vincent still managed to get it shown, and even cut a lucrative deal with Warner Brothers and National Lampoon. 

Sounds good on paper, but as happens so often, that deal fell apart. Vincent blames Distributor incompetence.  It is not known what the Distributor blames.  As might be expected after such a letdown, Vincent was despondent, and suicidally depressed, for nearly a year.

Even so, Vincent stayed true to his movie, and fought to get it distributed.  With persistence bordering on idiocy, (a trait we share), he still refused to quit, and got a new distribution deal.  Again through Warner Brothers.

This time, this deal, Vincent's movie, "Kisses & Caroms," grossed one million dollars and broke into the IMDb "Top 100 Movies" list.  I don't know if Vincent actually saw a dime of that, but that is not the point.

Vincent is to be applauded that his movie is - what is the word? - DONE.  That puts him ahead of everybody!  And that it got DISTRIBUTED.  And that VINCENT HAS WRITTEN ABOUT IT.  Go Vincent!

In this book is the entire story.
  Writing, Financing, Production, Post-production, and the part no Indy Producer thinks about, usually until it is too late - Distribution.

This book will be very interesting to read, for anybody who's not been through Indy Film Distribution.  Those who have been through it will probably begin to cry.

"Rebel Without A Deal" is available at
Amazon as a paperback book, and also on Kindle, Nook, and iPad.

Kevin Smith

Vincent Rocca
Kisses & Caroms
Rebel Without A Deal

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