Saturday, February 05, 2005

An Important Note For Writers

WRITE! Every day, for several hours. There is no excuse.

This is the best time in all history to be a writer.
Computers are cheap, standards for managing data and text
are very high, and available almost everywhere.

I am reminded of this because today I am going to a concert
rehearsal, in which my lovely wife plays in the orchestra.
While I listen to her music, I type my movie screenplay on
my little keyboard, into which is plugged my Palm computer.

When I get home, I will HotSync my new scene into my desk computer,
and it's as though I've spent all day in my office, working on my movie,
only with the added benefit of an afternoon of Brahms.

I wrote one of the best, most climactic scenes today,
with inspiration of, and music from a live, full orchestra!
Love it.

So very glad I am, that I have lived this long.
I wish the same blessings on you and your work.

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