Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What does Writing get you?

Everything you want.
This Universe didn't just happen, you know.
Somebody wrote it.

This Universe is what we all agree it is, it changes from instant to instant. You are literally choosing in which one you find yourself, and what you write is powerful in shaping it.
Schroedinger's cat. It's easy.

I first noticed exactly how powerful, when I pulled out an old crate of scripts, and read the tragic ending of a good one I wrote, where the hero's house burns down, and his love runs away, and all the kids are dead. What a happy story.

Never gave it much thought, but in the two years just before I read this old thing, every single tragic thing I wrote in that script, happened to me in "real life." Everything.

It made my hair stand straight up on my head, when I realized that. Because I wrote this script years before all that happened. My life was like the Book of Job for a few years there, and here was the script for all that. I wrote it. And it got made.

Check for yourself. Dig out an old script, and read it. Read an old story, especially one with wistful yearning or longing. Didn't you get exactly what you were asking for in it?

Or look at your old to-do lists. Isn't it amazing how many things you wrote down, actually happened? Some without real effort on your part. Just writing it down set something in motion, apparently.

What did I do, with my new powerful knowledge? I tore out the last 10 pages of that script, and I wrote the happiest damn ending you ever saw.

And that's what's happening now.

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