Monday, March 13, 2006

HD: Define your terms 2

More about those dots...

In addition to SD (Standard Definition) video, with its
525 lines (reduced by housekeeping to 480 lines of 640 dots),
there are several other video systems as well.

PAL and SECAM (768 x 576) are still with us, they are
Standard Definition in their respective countries.

If you must do video, it should be High Definition, I say.

There are several HD formats, 1280 lines of 720 dots,
and 1080 lines of 1440 dots (4:3 HD), but "real"
HD is 1080 lines of 1920 dots (16:9 HD).

No small HD camcorder currently records "real" HD.
What? Never mind.

We will delve into this, as we discover
HD, HiDef, High Definition Video.

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