Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In Praise Of Sam Fuller

There Was A Man Dept.

Here was a guy who knew how to tell a story. He would grip you by the throat, from the first word of the first line of the first page. His movies were the same way.

Do his movies make sense? Sometimes they don't while you're watching, but later they do. For the most part, that isn't an issue, his movies MOVE!

One of the weirdest westerns ever made is also one of my favorites, Barry Sullivan and Barbara Stanwyck in "Forty Guns." Wow!

Mark Hamill does the best imitation of Sam Fuller I've ever seen,
I could watch him do it all day. Mark was great in Fuller's
"The Big Red One," which I'll describe better another time.

That classic also starred the great Lee Marvin, and
Robert Carradine, another favorite of mine.

Sam Fuller, I know somewhere, you're still writing.

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