Sunday, March 19, 2006

HD: Define your terms 3

Dots, dots, dots...I'm seeing dots....ahhh!

So we've defined much of the High Definition dotset,
and talked about how all this dot-management makes an
electronically-stored picture.

On the one hand, the HD pictures we see now are probably
the worst HD we'll ever see, because things will get
better and better, quality-wise, in dots-ville.

On the other hand, there is no way currently to miniaturize
an image chip element any further. Those are analog, and not
defined by Moore's Law.

Unless there is some unforeseen technology bump, the HD images
we see today are the best we're gonna see for a long time.
Maybe they are as good as it gets. Ever.

While film emulsions are getting better all the time. Really.

We will find even more dot info, as we dig deeper into
HD, HiDef, High Definition Video.

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