Saturday, December 03, 2005

Degrade Your Image

Yet another article about kludging together parts
to make your digital video look somewhat reminiscent
of 35mm film cinematography.

The cannibalized device is a perfectly good 35mm
SLR camera, hacked together with a mini-DV camera,
to give an upside-down, backwards, grainy, dithered
image. No offense.

After you flop that image, (and if you squint),
it looks something like a film camera.

Ooh, look! You have shallow depth of field!
Amazing. You can pull focus! Revolutionary.

Now, all you've got to do is somehow make the
image not burn out to white when it's a few stops
overexposed. Film handles those things, digital

Obviously, if you factor in the cost of the camera
you've Frankensteined together, there is no real savings
in money or time. Especially as the image is poor quality.

Cheaper, faster, better? Just shoot film.

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