Monday, December 19, 2005


For my film, "Mysteries Of The Lawn,"
I'm doing macrophotography, grafting lens
extension tubes and/or bellows onto my
trusty 35mm movie camera.

To show how delightfully low-tech film things can be,
a fellow camera hotrodder has hacked together
a macro lens extension from a Pringles can.

His is very like my "Samovar Balowire" macro
extension, made years ago from rolled cardboard,
with baling wire and duct tape holding it (and
the 100mm Super Baltar lens) together.

Although it violates the first rule of engineering,
"Never build anything you can buy off the shelf,"
the Pringle Macro is clever. I'm sure it always works,
even when - ahem - the chips are down.

Note: I get nothing promoting his cleverness,
and I don't make a dime from my likeness on
the Pringles can.

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