Monday, December 05, 2005

Superman's Back!

They're all done shooting "Superman Returns,"
check out Bryan Singer's video blog, with clips
from production. Very enjoyable, quite revealing.

My favorite parts are:

Bryan pinch-hitting for a day or so, for a clearly
exhausted Peter Jackson, shooting his "Kong."

Elliot the Editor pointing out that it actually
would have been faster to shoot on film. Digital
takes a day longer for each batch. Whoops!

Elliot has the stones to mention this even though
it's not the "politically correct" bulletin for a
big digital production.

(On a movie set, speaking your mind is not safe.
If you voice bad news, it's somehow your fault.)

The stunt guy pointing out that the enormous gimbaled
set is all run by one wire. "If that wire goes..." and
they cut away from him. Yes, if that one wire goes.
The amazing thing is that more accidents don't happen
in the movie business.

Multiple takes of young Clark pitching a baseball,
with a gas cannon actually firing the ball past him.
Take after take, until they get the one Bryan wants.
Bryan wants to show it to the writers, video.

Bryan's disbelieving expression, as he says
"I have no video." Priceless.

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