Friday, January 06, 2006

In Praise Of Lee Marvin

There Was A Man Dept.

Working on my book today, with "The Dirty Dozen" playing over and over in the background. Man, Lee Marvin was just as tough as a walnut shell. Go Lee!

I remember him from "M Squad," as Lieutenant Frank Ballinger, the prototype for Leslie Nielsen's character in the Zucker Brothers' brilliant cop parody "Police Squad." Cool both ways.

I think "M Squad" was the best cop show, and "Police Squad" was one of the two funniest tv shows, ever. (Other is John Cleese's "Fawlty Towers.") "Police Squad" had only 6 episodes, first three were intensely funny, second three were just tv.

Of course, there was Lee's Oscar for "Cat Ballou," and
he was more than a match for Marlon Brando in Stanley
Kramer's motorcycle epic, "Wild One." "Johnny, I love ya!"

Lee Marvin was named for General Robert E. Lee, his cousin,
which makes him and me related. He died in Arizona in 1987,
and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. As relatives go,
and I wish most would, I'm proud of him.

Just check out his story.

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