Friday, January 20, 2006

Sundance: Premieres

Eleven days, 120 movies, 50 handicams in the hands
of as many Beastie Boys' concert fans. Premiere of
a movie called "Kinky Boots," which is reason enough.

Cassavetes is still indy sorta, with "Alpha Dog,"
"A Little Trip To Heaven" is Iceland insurance,
Art can be murder, in "Art School Confidential."

If you're "Cargo," this backpacker's in trouble. "Darwin Awards"
sounds like a great idea, but what doesn't? "Don't Come Knocking"
is Wim Wenders and Sam Shephard, but who knows?

"Friends With Money" is a film made by a woman who clearly
has some. (Opening was packed last night.) "Little Miss Sunshine"
is freaky family road picture. "Lucky Number Slevin"
wrong man in the mob.

"Neil Young Heart Of Gold" a concert for the young,
"The Illusionist" is light of hand, "The Night Listener"
warns careful who you call on the radio, especially if
you're Robin Williams.

"Science of Sleep" is an awakening, "Secret Life of Words"
the pain in Spain is with us once again, "Thank You For Smoking"
Big Tobacco has a little son, "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" how
movie ratings are changing America. (This film is not yet rated.)

Is it toooooo much? We'll see.

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