Tuesday, November 07, 2006

AFM - Cavalcade Of Film

Filmmaking - Filmmakers Gather

AFM - Cavalcade Of Film

Not only is the 27th American Film Market, the world's largest
film market, AFM is also a great big fat film festival.

592 films will screen here this year. That's up almost 20% from
last year's 534 films. There will be 431 market premieres this
time, increased from 2005's 382. Those are both, by any accounting,
an all-time high for the AFM.

AFM has a strategic alliance with the American Film Institute's AFI FEST,
which is another film festival, and they're inter-related. That alliance
has 54 films represented at both the AFM and as Official Selections at
the AFI Festival. Put together, they represent the largest throng ever,
of films and television, and North American film and television industry professionals.

Why? Because your digital television has 1000 digital channels. That
means 24,000 hours of programming in a 24-hour day. This is the best
time to be a filmmaker in the history of the world. Get on it!


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