Saturday, November 04, 2006

AFM - Louisiana Lures Filmmakers

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AFM - Louisiana Lures Filmmakers
by Angela Taylor

Every state offers incentives of some kind to entice filmmakers to
visit and leave money, but Louisiana’s hospitality is second to none.

In addition to the state incentives, there are federal incentives, to
rebuild the Gulf area after Hurricane Katrina.

Anything that can be qualified as “infrastructure development” is
eligible for a 50% bonus depreciation, or low-interest bonds.

Infrastructure development includes creating jobs, and building or
repairing structures. If you partner with a Louisiana production
company, you can get small-business loans, as well.

The state of Louisiana offers a 25% investor tax credits on projects
and infrastructure development as well, a 15% credit on post facility
and soundstage expenses, and a payroll tax credit of 10% for
employment of Louisiana residents.

But wait! There’s more!

You can sell your tax credits!


Yep! You can sell your tax credits to get more cash to
subsidize your production.

If you want to see the variety of locations you can shoot in
Louisiana, or to find out more about incentives, visit
Louisiana's Department of Economic Development,
or the Louisiana Capital Area Film Commission.

To find out what incentives are offered by other states, you can
contact individual film commissions, or Axium Entertainment
for its Guide to US Production Incentives.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about Canada.


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