Thursday, November 02, 2006

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InDPlay Online Film Marketplace
by Angela Taylor

InDPlay (Indy Play - get it?) refers to itself as an online
marketplace for film, TV and video rights.

Best thing about it?  FREE to list your movie.

Also great - buyers can search by genre, rating, budget or
available rights. 

Say a buyer wants a PG-13 action movie with available ancillary
rights in Asia, and you have just such product.
Bing!  Your film comes up.

InDPlay also manages the whole distribution process, tracking
contracts (it lets you know exactly what changes have been made
on the latest revision, so no sneaking stuff in), payments, and
deliverables, in an easy-to-understand, passbook-looking format.

Here’s the downside: As it’s free to both buyers and sellers,
InDPlay pays the bills by taking a percentage of the final
contract fee. That means from you.

Just as in the rest of the independent film world, where the
content creator often doesn’t see a dime, that just means one
less slice to the indie pie.

You're not only in it for the money, are you?

Check out InDPlay.


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